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"Our primary goal is to provide effective and affordable emergency field treatment for snakebite envenomation."

Our Technology Platform:
We employ advanced computer modeling and bioinformatics algorithms to identify compounds that can inactivate or destroy animal venoms. The chemical space we are searching contains hundreds of millions of drug-like compounds. 
Our Main R&D Toolkit Includes:
  • State-of-the-art drug discovery software
  • Venomics (Bioinformatics of animal and plant venoms/toxins)
  • Cheminformatics (Searches chemical space for potential drugs)
  • De novo drug design (structure-based; protein degradation)
  • In silico ligand-receptor docking (Virtual Ligand Screening, VLS)
  • Bioassay development (Rapid laboratory testing of lead compounds)

"Our initial R&D is focused on "drug repurposing", which identifies and evaluates new applications for drugs previously approved by the FDA for other human and animal indications."
Watch this short video about drug repurposing:

View poster presentation from the 3rd "Biology of Pitvipers" conference: "In Silico Discovery of Small-Molecule Snake Anti-Venom: Prospects for Repurposing FDA-Approved Drugs as Snake-Venom Antagonists"

Results of Preliminary Phase-1 Computational Studies:
From 1 to 12 "hit" FDA-approved drugs exhibited strong binding to the active sites of three major protein toxins comprising the venom of Crotalus atrox, the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake.

Therapeutic Targets: Initially antiVenX will direct its R&D resources toward developing an effective drug intervention for the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, Crotalus atrox. Subsequent R&D will be directed toward other poisonous animals and plants.
Product Development Roadmap: Our technology development roadmap, outlined below, spans four years from company inception to the first product launch in 2023.

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