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Welcome to antiVenX Therapeutics....

Who Are We?  We are a team of dedicated scientists and investors developing the world's next-generation of targeted drug-based therapeutic interventions to protect humans and animals from life-threatening toxins produced by many poisonous insects, snakes, scorpions, arachnids (spiders), plants and microbes.

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Innovation: Our drug-based technologies distinguish us from traditional immuno-based therapies, which are often unavailable, ineffective, unstable and unaffordable. Instead, we are a discovery company using state-of-the-art computational approaches and bioinformatics to identify existing and novel small-molecule compounds that have the potential to destroy or inactivate dangerous biotoxins produced by poisonous snakes, scorpions, spiders and more.  

Our Mission:  (1) Harness the power of cutting-edge molecular and bioinformatics tools to discover, design, engineer and synthesize completely new chemistries for rapid field deployment and treatment of biotoxin envenomation by a range of poisonous creatures; and (2) Make the technology globally available in a stable, portable and affordable personal kit format. 

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